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Resort Guidelines

Lighthouse Beach RV Resort Seasonal Guidelines 

                       As the resort community to which these guidelines apply is your Seasonal Camping Site.

Each of the Rules & Regulations is intended to make and keep Lighthouse Beach RV Resort/ Campground

 a safe and happy place for you, your family & guests to enjoy. 


Thank you for your cooperation.



The following guidelines are in place to govern the activities, conduct and operation within the resort/campground and become a part of and is an addendum to the Lighthouse Beach RV Resort License Agreement and all subsequent renewals unless otherwise amended.  The Lighthouse Beach RV Resort Seasonal Guidelines (hereby referred to as Rules & Regulations) have been instituted for the purpose of providing a safe enjoyable and attractive community for all the residents of Lighthouse Beach RV Resort.  The Rules & Regulations are for your benefit and your adherence to these Rules & Regulation are respectfully requested.  The Rules & Regulations are enforceable with respect to all the licensees and visitors thereof in the resort at all times.  Lighthouse Beach RV Resort management reserves the right to inspect the campsite and recreational vehicle (RV) at any time to confirm that these Rules and Regulations are being followed.  Any violation of the Rules and Regulations will result in the immediate termination of the License Agreement.  The management’s decision in reference to violations to the Rules & Regulations is final.

Due to the Seasonal nature of the Lighthouse Beach RV Resort/Campground the site fees, pre-paid site fees, registration fees, and deposits under this License Agreement are non-refundable.

  1. REGISTRATION/DEPOSIT – The Initial License Agreement remains part of your resident file. An annual renewal acknowledgement must be signed and the Registration / Deposit paid upon your decision to renew for the next camping season. The Registration/Deposit is due and payable by October 15th of the calendar year prior to the camping season for which occupancy is being requested.    Written notice must be received prior to September 30th to cancel the License Agreement.
  1. SEASONAL RESIDENT– An RV owner (Licensee) who has filed an application, paid the application fee and been approved by the Lighthouse Beach Resort RV Resort Community and/or Lighthouse Beach RV Resort management representative (Licensor) to occupy a campsite for one season. The Licensee must provide evidence of ownership of the RV described in the application.  Acceptable written evidence shall be a legally sufficient document issued by the appropriate state authority.  A copy of the title for the RV is required to be on file in the campground management office resident file.  Seasonal RV’s are required to be no older than 10 years of age to be placed on an RV seasonal site.  Applicants with an RV more than 10 years old can submit a picture for review and approval to the Lighthouse Beach RV Resort office.
  1. MISREPRESENTATION OR FALSIFICATION OF OWNERSHIP: Misrepresentation or falsification by a Licensee as to the ownership of any RV on an RV site shall constitute grounds for immediate cancellation of the RV site License Agreement held by the Licensee, whether the License Agreement is in the fabricator’s name alone or in their name and “others”, even though the “others” may be innocent parties to the deception.
  • If a Licensee and/or occupant are convicted of a felony while residing in the Lighthouse Beach Resort community, the License Agreement will be immediately terminated.
  1. SEASONAL SITE FEE– The Site Fee for the seasonal campsite is for one (1) “IN SEASON” period (April 15th to November 15th), which is specified in the body of the License Agreement. Use of the Seasonal site after the end of the season November 15th  is strictly prohibited. Licensee agrees this is a seasonal site only and licensee WILL NOT reside on the seasonal site between November 16th and April 15th (OFF SEASON) or their License Agreement will be terminated.  The seasonal period of April 15th to November 15th is a condition of the approval of the conditional use for the resort required by the Sussex County.  Licensee is permitted to visit their seasonal site periodically after the close of the season on November 15th  during regular office business hours to inspect their RV, but you are NOT PERMITTED to occupy the RV overnight. ___________Initial
  1. INSURANCE – The Licensee will at all times subsequent to the commencement of this agreement and during the full term thereof maintain a policy of insurance upon the RV site and the RV located thereon at the Licensee’s sole cost and expense against:
  • Fire and Theft, either by separate policy or as an additional dwelling on current homeowner’s insurance policy.
  • General public liability (including damages caused by fire, falling trees or branches) for a minimum amount of $100,000 in coverage pertaining to the site and all improvements and equipment brought onto the site.
  • LICENSEE shall deliver to the Licensor promptly upon the execution and delivery of this agreement a valid certificate of insurance indicating that the aforementioned coverages are in force for the full term of this agreement and stating the physical location of the RV site number in Lighthouse Beach RV Resort on the declaration page for the policy as an insured location. Please be advised that it is the responsibility of the Licensee to keep their insurance current and to furnish a copy of the declaration page at renewal with valid coverage dates to the management office.  Expired insurance coverage is considered a violation.


  1. OCCUPANCY: A maximum of (4) four persons as signers on a License Agreement.  You must be 21 years of age to be a signer on a License Agreement.  No Renting or Sub-leasing – One of the Licensee’s (a signer on the license agreement) must be in attendance when you have relatives or guests staying at the RV site.  No Licensee may assign, rent, sub-lease or otherwise turn over his or her RV and the RV site for the use and enjoyment of third parties, including children, relatives, or friends, either with or without monetary compensation.  The use of each RV site, RV, or amenity shall be limited to the personal use and enjoyment of the Licensee of the RV site and their children, relatives, friends when the Licensee is present.  Background checks are required for all persons 18 years of age and over, all children of Licensee’s will be required to have this background check completed at the age of 18 for the resident file. There will be no charge for backgrounds for children of current residents listed on the original application for residency as occupants when they reach 18 years of age if the office is notified within 30 days of their 18th birthday. Otherwise, a $35.00 background check fee will apply.  Anyone 18 years and over staying more than 7 days at a seasonal or year-round site not listed on the original application for residency will be considered a resident and be required to have a background check ($35 fee) performed for the resident file. Only Licensee, registered occupants and registered guests may occupy and utilize the campsite.  The campsite is for recreational residential use only.   Commercial activities, sub-leasing or unregistered guests are not permitted at the RV campsite.          _________________Initial

The seasonal period of April 15th to November 15th  is a condition of the approval of the conditional use for the resort required by the Sussex County.  Licensee is permitted to visit their seasonal site periodically after the close of the season on November 15th  during regular office business hours to inspect their RV, but you are NOT PERMITTED to occupy the RV overnight.

  1. LICENSE AGREEMENT TRANSFER: There will be a non-refundable $200.00 transfer fee paid to Lighthouse Beach Resort Campground for any RV being sold to remain in the park.  A maximum of (4) four persons as signers on a License Agreement.  This $200.00 fee also applies to residents transferring from one site to another and new residents taking over the site.  The transfer fee must be paid with money order, credit card or cashier’s check.  No personal checks will be accepted.  This transfer fee is for administration costs to transfer the site.  The Lighthouse Beach Resort management must be given three (3) weeks prior notice in writing that the licensee is selling the RV on site.  An inspection of the RV site is required prior to completing the sale of the RV to new buyers.  Violations found at this inspection must be corrected before the site can be transferred. The prospective new residents must be approved PRIOR to taking possession of any RV in the park.  Please allow three to four weeks for the approval process.  Current Licensee is responsible for the site and for all License Agreement payments until Licensor executes a new License Agreement with the perspective new resident.  Licensee understands the site remains his/her responsibility if the prospective new resident is denied residency in Lighthouse Beach Resort.
  1. ELECTRIC: Licensee is financially responsible for electric lines from and including the meter pan to the RVThis includes electrical outlets located in meter pan and Licensee’s male plug.  In any event, Licensor is not financially responsible for loss of electrical appliances, food and beverages due to interrupted electrical service or power surges.  Each camping unit must have a male plug to plug into the electric service.  Electric service cannot be wired directly to the source of electric.  Licensee is required to put electric in Licensee’s own name within 5 days of signing this License Agreement.  Contact Delaware Coop at 302-349-9090 or 800-282-8590 to have your service turned on.  Please be advised that if the site has been vacant for a period of one year or more that an inspection may be required prior to your electric being turned on.  You will need your site number which at the front top of your License Agreement and your meter number.  Contact the Lighthouse Beach Resort office for your meter number.
  1. RV MAINTENANCE– All RV exteriors must be kept clean and in good repair. Licensee shall keep the RV and exterior premises in a clean and sanitary condition, free of mold & mildew on the unit and the site free of garbage and rubbish. Licensee shall dispose of garbage and rubbish in a sanitary manner as instructed by Lighthouse Beach RV Resort management and Rules and Regulations.  Appliances furniture or building material may not be stored on the premises. The licensee is responsible for the care and maintenance of the campsite at all times.  Licensor reserves the right to enter onto any and all campsites to perform necessary care and maintenance of ground if Licensee fails to do so.  Licensee hereby agrees to reimburse Licensor for cost of said care and maintenance.  Licensor reserves the right to enter onto any and all campsites to perform necessary care and maintenance of ground if Licensee fails to do so.  Should Licensor be required to perform said care and maintenance Licensee will be charged $50.00 per hour and all necessary charges required to bring site up to Lighthouse Beach Resort Community standards.  Note:  The use of tarps to cover your RV as a temporary cover for a roof leak during season is limited for a period of 10 days to allow for the repair.  Please let the office know, immediately if a tarp will be required.
  1. STRUCTURES AND SITE IMPROVEMENTS: Absolutely no structure, outside additions to the RV, or permanent site improvements are permitted to the outside of the RV. County Code does NOT allow for the construction of permanent additions to RV’s.  Only removable approved RV screen rooms are permitted.  Only one wooden shed that cannot exceed sixty-four (64) square feet is permitted. Rubbermaid Sheds and storage units are NOT PERMITTED on the campsites.  No elevated decks are permitted, ground level decking only. Please obtain information about allowable deck structures from the Lighthouse Beach RV Resort office.  Licensor has the right to require the Licensee to remove all unauthorized structures and improvements.  The use of a screened portable Gazebo used for outdoor socializing or dining purposes is permitted and limited to one per site.  All screen rooms and portable screened Gazebo units MUST BE REMOVED and stored at the end of the camping season. Please be advised that the Licensee will be liable for any damages caused to any neighbor’s RV or other property or common area damaged by any portable screen/gazebo enclosure that should come loose during wind/storms and be blown into neighboring sites and/or common areas.  Initial ____________.

Please be advised that any Structures and/or site improvements constructed without management approval and the proper building permits will be required to be removed from the RV/RV site – NO EXCEPTIONS

  1. CONDITION OF THE RV SITE & STRUCTURES: It is the responsibility of the Licensee’s to keep the RV site in a neat and orderly condition.  The RV site should be maintenance on a regular basis to keep it free of any debris/clutter.  Spring maintenance of the site should be completed by May 30th of the new camping season.  Spring maintenance would include raking and removal of lawn debris as needed as well as pressure washing if needed of the RV and/or portable screen room and shed.  RV’s and sheds should be painted if needed after pressure washing.  Articles should be stored neatly and inside a shed if possible.  Lawn debris can be bagged and place in front of the site for pickup and disposal by our maintenance department.  Firewood is to be neatly stacked on your RV site.  In the event you have a pet, the site should be keep free of pet waste.  Should Licensor be required to perform said care and maintenance Licensee will be charged $50.00 per hour and all necessary charges required to bring site up to Lighthouse Beach Resort Community standards. Portable Screen Room and Gazebo units are to be kept in good condition on the RV site. Any damaged portable screen room or gazebo unit not repaired in 10 days would need to be removed from the RV site.


  1. ADDITIONAL RV SITE IMPROVEMENTS: Additional Outside lighting is limited to on the RV, Portable Screen Room and portable screen Gazebo units.  Seasonal sites are permitted to have one (1) 64 sq. ft. shed (8’x8’).  No other permanent structures are permitted on a seasonal site.  Portable screen rooms and portable screen Gazebos are permitted, but must be removed and stored away at the end of the camping season.
  1. UTILITY LINES: Licensee is responsible for proper use of water lines, waste lines and maintenance of no freeze devices on the water lines from the curb box or valve to the point of connection to the RV.  Licensee shall use reasonable care when using said utilities.  Licensee understands that from time to time utilities of any type may be turned off for a reasonable period of time for repair and maintenance.  The water will be turned off prior to freezing temperatures in November.  Licensee holds Licensor Harmless for any losses incurred by tuning off utilities.  Licensee will bear all expenses for having a phone on Licensee’s site.  Licensee is responsible for the burial, repair and maintenance of telephone and cable lines.  Lighthouse Beach Resort is responsible for electric lines between the electric meter and the electric service box on the RV site.
  1. SEWER CONNECTIONS/ DISPOSAL: Licensee shall provide and be responsible for all extensions from RV connections to Lessor’s sewer system.  No foreign items (including, but not limited to, prophylactics, sanitary napkins and grease) shall be flushed into Licensor’s sewer system.  Licensee agrees to use biodegradable toilet tissue at all times.  Delaware law requires that all sewer hoses be undamaged and sewer connections be tight.  Sewer doughnuts are to be used on all sewer connections.
  1. TREES: Trees throughout the resort are part of the overall landscape and are NOT to be used for any purpose. Lights and clotheslines are not permitted on the trees throughout the resort.  DO NOT wrap any type of rope or wire around any of the trees.  The tree trimming is the responsibility of Lighthouse Beach.  Trees will be trimmed as needed and determined by management.  Please report any tree issues to the resort office.
  1. LIGHTS: Lights around your campsite must not be any closer than 5 feet of your neighbor’s RV and are limited to placement on the RV, portable screen room and screened portable Gazebo units. If lights are bright and impede your neighbor’s ability to sleep, lights must be turned off by the start of quiet time, at 11:00pm.  Lights may not be tied around or nailed to a tree under any circumstance.  Licensor may impose a wattage limit on lights at your campsite.
  1. BURNING & DUMPING OF LEAVES & TRASH: Absolutely no burning of leaves, pine needles, lawn debris or trash shall take place on Lighthouse Beach RV Resort premises.  All lawn debris and trash shall be bagged and placed at the edge of your lot for pickup by maintenance.  NO DUMPING is allowed anywhere in the park.   NO burn barrels are permitted.  Campground Residents are required to abide by any and all Burning Ban Regulations put in place during the camping season by the State of Delaware/DNREC.  Copies of the Citizens Guide to open burning and burning ban restrictions are available at the management office.
  1. TRASH: Trash must be placed in dumpsters at the location provided near the entrance to the resort (see resort map).  A $100.00 fine will be assessed to Licensee if trash if placed outside of the dumpsters.  Removal of bulk trash is the responsibility of the Licensee and cannot be stored on the lot.  Lighthouse Beach Resort office has an option of bulk trash pick up and removal for a fee contact the Lighthouse Beach Resort office for this service.


Important Note: DO NOT PUT APPLIANCES (refrigerators, ranges, TV’s etc.) or latex paint in trash dumpsters.

  1. CAMPFIRES AND BURNINGCampfires must be constantly maintained by an adult. NO BONFIRES AT ANY TIME.   Only small cook fires not higher than the fire ring or 6” whichever is less.  Fire ring cannot be higher than height of one standard fire ring.  Fire rings cannot be stacked.  Only firewood and/or charcoal can be burned.  No more than a face cord (2’ X 8’ X 4’) of firewood can be stacked per site. Firewood must be neatly stacked on your RV Site.  NO burn barrels are permitted.  All fires must be contained in a fire ring.  No large logs or limbs extending outside fire ring.  PER DELAWARE FIRE CODES, BURNING OF TRASH IN YOUR CAMPFIRE IS POSITIVELY NOT PERMITTED.  No burning of leaves, lawn debris, treated or painted wood.  During particularly dry seasons, the state may issue a burning ban, at which time NO FIRES of any kind are allowed.



  1. AUTOMOBILES AND OTHER VEHICLES PARKING:  No parking on common ground and/or grass areas.  No more than two vehicles per site are allowed in the resort/campground. Licensee understands Licensee and/or guests cannot park on other sites and/or on Lighthouse Beach RV Resort Common Ground even with permission of the other site.  Parking is to be only on your site.  Vehicles (other than the registered RV) are NOT PERMITTED to be stored at the site after season. Vehicles in disrepair and/or unlicensed vehicles may not be stored on the Lighthouse Beach RV Resort premises.  Vehicles are not permitted to be parked along the streets.  This allows for proper access throughout the resort in the event of an emergency.
  • Operation of motor vehicles – All Licensees, occupants and guests are subject to Delaware traffic laws. Any person operating a motor vehicle within the resort/campground shall have a current State driver’s license.  Any vehicle which is not properly licensed, or in the condition required under laws of the Division of Motor Vehicles of the State of Delaware, cannot be operated within the resort/campground.  Vehicles with inadequate or malfunctioning muffler systems will not be permitted in the resort/campground.
  • Vehicles are not permitted to be parked alongside of streets, or in the streets, on a vacant RV site, or on Lighthouse Beach RV Resort Common Ground. Only (2) two vehicles are allowed at each residence.  However, IF the driveway permits more than (2) vehicles without parking in the grass, blocking traffic, and/or parking on the roadway, and vehicles are parked neatly and attractively in the driveway, up to (3) three vehicles will be permitted.
  • Parking and Repair – Tractor-trailer trucks, school buses, RVs (not permanently on a site) are not permitted to be parked in the resort/campground at any time, no exceptions. All oversized vehicles, such as box trucks, tow trucks, etc., shall be in sole discretion in the opinion of Licensor. No construction equipment will be permitted on Licensee’s RV site.  If not being used or if not currently licensed or operable, vehicles shall be removed from the Lighthouse Beach Resort Campground.  No repairs or overhauling of cars/vehicle is permitted at the RV site or in the community. As permitted by law, Licensor reserves the right to remove vehicles parked in violation of these Guidelines and further reserves the right to remove inoperable vehicles without current license plates registration.  The Licensee shall pay all expenses incurred in the removal of said vehicle.  Speed Limit – 10 miles per hour and will be strictly enforced – The speed limit is ten (10) miles per hour as posted when driving in and around the resort/campground.  All traffic signs shall be obeyed and horns shall not be blown unnecessarily.
  1. MOTORCYCLES/ GOLF-CARTS/ MOTORIZED CONVEYANCES (scooters, dirt bikes, power wheels, electric and/or gas powered motorized conveyance of any kind. Etc.) / & BICYCLES:
  • MOTORCYCLES – The resident must be the registered owner and operator of the motorcycle. The motorcycle must be titled, registered and tagged with a State as well as with Lighthouse Beach Resort office and authorization given after full inspection given by Licensor.  The motorcycle is for transportation to and from the property and for the safety of our residents; are not permitted be used to joyride around the community.  Motorcycles are any two – wheel vehicle that is tag for use on the highway.  Repairs on said motorcycle at the RV site are not permitted.  Motorcycles must be quiet in operation throughout the campground and required to enter at the gate the same as all vehicles, any resident or their guest found going around the gate with a motorcycle to gain access to the property will be considered in violations of these rules and regulations and may result in the termination of the license agreement.


  • GOLF CARTS – MUST BE REGISTERED WITH THE RESORT OFFICE PERMIT: Golf Carts must be registered with the Lighthouse Beach RV Resort office and residents must place the Golf Cart Permit sticker on front of the golf cart.  Golf carts may only be operated between the hours of 7:00 A.M. and 9:00 P.M. and may be operated after dusk only if they have adequate working headlights/taillights permanently mounted on golf carts.  Drivers of the golf carts must be (18) eighteen years of age or older and have a valid driver’s license.  Driver’s license is to be on driver and shown on request.  Proof of insurance coverage while at Lighthouse Beach is required for all personal golf carts.  Golf carts from other communities are strictly forbidden.  There may not be more than (4) four people in the golf cart at one time (if seating allows 4 people), and all passengers must be seated when being operated.  Golf carts must be operated in a safe and attentive manner.  Used only when going from one destination to another.  Golf Carts are not to be used for joy riding around the park/campground.  Any violations of the above will cause Licensor to take corrective action.  The first two violations will elicit a written warning, with the third leading to the cancellation of the golf cart privileges and possible termination of License Agreement.
  • MOTORBIKES – The operation of motorbikes, motor scooters, mini-bikes, trail bikes, and motorized bicycles, off road vehicles, all-terrain vehicles and other vehicles of this nature is NOT PERMITTED in the resort. Authorization of certain motorized scooters for disabled/handicap residents are permitted and need to be registered in the management office.
  • NON-MOTORIZED CONVEYANCE: Roller Blades, Skateboards, non-motorized scooters, any non-motorized conveyances other than Bicycles are NOT permitted.  Please be advised that if a child does not return a non-motorized conveyance to the RV campsite when directed to do so by either a Lighthouse Beach Resort management agent or the security guards, the item may be confiscated and taken to the office for pick-up by the child’s parents.
  • BICYCLES: Are welcome, but MUST have reflective tape and lights for night use.  Bicycles are not to be raced in the campground.  Bicycles are only for transportation from one point to another.  PLEASE go over bicycle safety with your children.  IT’S THE LAW: Delaware law requires helmet use for children 16 years’ old and younger riding bicycles and motorcycles.  Lighthouse Beach Resort Campground strictly enforces this law.
  1. SPEED LIMIT: 10 MILES PER HOUR – The speed limit is 10 MPH for the entire park. This is from the time you enter Lighthouse Beach RV Resort until you leave Lighthouse Beach RV Resort.  The 10 MPH Speed limit is for all vehicles including but not limited to cars, trucks, vans, RV’s, motorcycles, golf carts, and bicycles.
  1. CHILDREN: Licensee is responsible for the acts of their children.  The privacy of other licensees cannot be violated by the action of your children.  Minor children under the age 12 years of age are to be accompanied by a parent at all times.  Licensee is encouraged to bring their child/children to the recreation areas and parents are responsible for their children’s safety and behavior while in all areas of Lighthouse Beach Resort.  Misbehavior of children in the park will not be tolerated.  There is a 10:00 P.M. curfew for anyone under the age of eighteen (16).  A parent must accompany anyone under the age of 16 years after 10:00 P.M. while on Lighthouse Beach Resort Campground property.  Lighthouse Beach RV Resort Management will strictly enforce this rule.  Residents and children are required to identify themselves by name and RV site when asked by a Lighthouse Beach RV Resort Management office agent or the Lighthouse Beach Resort Security Staff.  Quiet time is 11:00 pm to 9:00 am.
  1. CONDUCT: Licensees will be responsible for the conduct of and for any damages caused by themselves, their children, occupants, guests, or pets.  Any violation of these Rules and Regulations by the aforementioned has the same effect as a violation by the Licensee.  The disregard of any order or directive of a Lighthouse Beach Resort security patrol personnel will be considered a violation of the Lighthouse Beach Resort Rules and Regulations and/or grounds for termination of the License Agreement.  Drunkenness, immoral conduct, or any other activity that initiates a complaint from other residents will constitute a violation of these guidelines.  Disorderly conduct that disrupts the right of others to peaceful enjoyment of the community endangers others, or causes substantial damage to property is grounds for the immediate termination of the License Agreement.  Licensor reserves the right to bar anyone from entering the Lighthouse Beach Resort Campground/Community.  Licensee, Licensee’s family and/or guests will not invite any person to their RV site who has been barred or evicted from the Lighthouse Beach Resort Campground/community.  There is a 10:00 P.M. curfew for anyone under the age of eighteen (16).  An adult must accompany anyone under the age of 16 years after 10:00 P.M. while on Lighthouse Beach Resort Campground property.     Lighthouse Beach Resort Management will strictly enforce this rule.  Residents and children are required to identify themselves by name and RV site when asked by a Lighthouse Beach Resort Management office agent or the Lighthouse Beach Resort Security Staff.
  1. SECURITY ENTRANCE GATE & GATE CARDS: Each site will be issued ONE gate card PER SIGNER on the License Agreement to a maximum of (4) per agreement. Gate Cards require a $10.00 fee per gate card.  These gate cards are the responsibility of the lessee.  The card will allow you access through the main gate at the entrance, and also the Resort gate.
  • Replacement security gate cards will require a $25.00 fee for each replacement. To get the security gate card replaced the remaining gate cards must be brought to the Lighthouse Beach Resort office so a new card can be issued and lost gate card can be cancelled.
  • Licensee agrees that they are responsible for all persons they allow to use their card and or code for entrance to Lighthouse Beach Resort Campground.
  • Licensee agrees that Licensee, Licensee’s relatives and/or friends will not allow unauthorized people to enter Lighthouse Beach Resort by opening the gate for people unknown to Licensee and/or people who they know have been evicted and/or removed from Lighthouse Beach Resort.
  • Licensee agrees that unauthorized use of the security gate passes could result in termination of gate pass, termination of License Agreement, and expulsion from Lighthouse Beach Resort Campground.
  • When Licensee transfers site to new resident Licensee must return gate cards to the Lighthouse Beach Resort office before the new License Agreement will be issued to the new resident. Gate Cards ARE NOT to be given to prospective resident before they have been approved and the new License Agreement is signed.
  • Gate Cards will be de-activated when a resident’s rental account becomes 30-days past due. The card will be re-activated once the account is brought to a current status.
  • A $10.00 fee will apply to all gate card purchases up to the amount you are allow to possess. 1 card per licensee agreement signer.
  1. GUESTS– All Guests must be registered at either the guard house or the Lighthouse Beach RV Resort management office. If you are expecting a guest to come in you must come to the Lighthouse Beach RV Resort office (or after hours the Guard House) IN PERSON and register them.  If you have an unexpected guest show up you may use your gate card to let them in.  If you cannot be contacted, and/or the guest is not registered they will not be admitted onto the property.  Any guest that stays onsite for more than 7 days must be registered with the office and a background check is required for anyone 18 years of age or older.  Licensee is responsible for the actions of their guests.  Lighthouse Beach Resort Management reserves the right to ask unregistered guests to leave immediately if they are causing problems with other residents or not obeying these rules.  Failure of the Licensee to remove their guests at our request may be subject to immediate termination of their license agreement.
  1. CURFEW: There is a 10 P.M. curfew for any child under the age of 16. A parent/adult must accompany children under the age of 16 years after 10 P.M.  Lighthouse Beach Resort Management strictly enforces this curfew.  Residents and children are required to identify themselves by name and RV site when asked by a Lighthouse Beach Resort Management office agent or the Lighthouse Beach Resort Security Staff.  Failure to identify yourself will result in calling of State Police and treated as a trespasser.
  1. PLAYGROUND/POOL/MINI – GOLF/BOCCE BALL/RECREATIONAL PAVILION AREAS AND FISHING PIER/FLOATING DOCK: The playground/pool/mini-golf/ bocce ball, horseshoe recreational areas and fishing pier/floating dock will be open from dawn to dusk unless noted otherwise. Anyone using these areas from dusk to dawn will be in violation of their License Agreement.  Positively No loitering is permitted in the Playground/Recreation/Mini-Golf / Pool/Pavilion area after dusk.  Pets are NOT PERMITTED in the playground/ mini-golf, bocce ball, horseshoe, swimming pool /spa, Activity Pavilion, Bathhouse or Laundry room area.  POSITIVELY NO SWIMMING IS PERMITTED AT THE FISHING PIER.  A valid State of Delaware Fishing License (Resident/Non-Resident) is required to fish/crab at the Fishing Pier.  The fishing license can be purchased at any of the local fishing/bait stores located on Long Neck Rd or Route 24.
  1. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES– Lighthouse Beach RV Resort does not allow alcohol to be consumed in any public areas. Alcoholic beverages are NOT PERMITTED at the swimming pool/spa, fishing pier, playground, mini-golf, bocce ball, horseshoe, Activities Pavilion, Bathhouse or Laundry Room areas.   Use of alcohol is limited to your RV resort site.   Public Intoxication will not be tolerated.  The resident is responsible for proper storage of the alcoholic beverages.  To keep our children safe please store all coolers with alcoholic beverages in them in secure locked areas when you are not in attendance.  Coolers used for alcohol must be stored in a locked area.
  1. NOISE: Licensees will not interfere with the safe and peaceful enjoyment of other residents.  No excessively loud parties will be allowed.  Residents will play their car stereo, radio, TV, and any audio equipment at a normal volume (which will be determined at the sole discretion of Licensor) and control all noise in consideration of their neighbors.  Quiet time is in effect from 11pm to 9am Sunday – Thursday and 12am – 9am Friday and Saturday.
  1. FIREWORKS: Fireworks are POSITIVELY NOT PERMITTED on Lighthouse Beach RV Resort Campground Property.  Use of Fireworks other than for permitted public displays is illegal in the State of Delaware.  Any resident found using fireworks within the community will be considered in violation of the rules and regulations and will be considered for termination of their License Agreement.  Fireworks present a safety hazard and will not be tolerated.


  1. VANDALISM AND CRIMINAL CONDUCT: Any License Agreement may be terminated if the Licensee or any person from the household is found guilty of vandalizing the Lighthouse Beach Resort community, violating these Rules and Regulations, or violating any of the criminal laws of the State of Delaware or the Federal Government.
  1. SOLICITING: Door to door soliciting for any reason is NOT PERMITTED in Lighthouse Beach RV Resort.  Bulletin Boards are available in the bathhouses, laundry room and the office for community notices.  Lighthouse Beach RV Resort bulletin boards are not available for public use.  Please notify office of your notice and office could place item on our blog.
  1. PETS: Breed Restrictions:  Pit Bulls, Pit Bull Mix Breeds, Dobermans, Rottweiler’s, Staffordshire Terriers and Chows are not permitted as pets in Lighthouse Beach Resort.  LIGHTHOUSE BEACH RESORT RESERVES THE RIGHT TO ADD ADDITIONAL BREEDS TO THIS LIST.


  • Pets must be under the constant supervision of the owner’s and on a leash at the RV site and during exercising/walks in the resort/campground, POSITIVELY NO EXTENSION LEASHES PERMITTED, 6ft Leashes Only. No pets will be permitted to be tied outside or kept outside in a doghouse or fenced-in pen or pet cages.  You are required to clean and dispose of all pet waste during pet walks.  Please see the pet stations throughout the resort for the proper disposal of pet waste.  Your RV site is to be cleaned of all pet waste.  Noisy and/or unruly pets will not be allowed to remain in the Lighthouse Beach RV Resort community.  Pets will only be allowed to remain in the Lighthouse Beach Resort community if they do not cause a nuisance to other residents.  Pets running loose may be caught by Lighthouse Beach management and/or employee or the S.P.C.A. and removed from the Lighthouse Beach Resort community.
  • We are pet friendly at Lighthouse Beach and do not restrict the number of pets at your seasonal site, but with that said, pets MUST be cleaned up after at all times. Please understand that LHB will NOT TOLERATE AGGRESSIVE DOGS and anyone at a seasonal site with a pet that shows aggressive tendencies will not be permitted to keep that pet at Lighthouse Beach. The type of pets that are maintained by the Licensee must not cause any condition or situation that adversely affects the health, safety and welfare of individual residents or the Lighthouse Beach Resort Campground as a whole.
  • No exotic/wild pets or farm animals of any kind will be permitted. Breed Restrictions:  Pit Bulls, Pit Bull Mix Breeds, Dobermans, Rottweiler’s, Staffordshire Terriers and Chows are not permitted as pets in Lighthouse Beach Resort.
  • Pets will not be permitted at any time in the recreation/common areas, this includes but is not limited to the Playground, Swimming Pool/Spa, Activities Pavilion, Bocce Ball, Mini-Golf, Horseshoe areas. Owners must clean up after their pets at all times. Residents who have cats must keep these animals inside their RV’s, or on a leash when outside.  Cats cannot be left to run loose at any time.  Cats are NOT PERMITTED in rental cottages.  Any resident found allowing their cat to run loose will be asked to remove the cat from the Lighthouse Beach Community.  The feeding of stray cats is absolutely not permitted.  This causes the animal to stay in the community, breed, and also results in health and safety problems.  Stray cats carry diseases and any resident found feeding these strays will be turned over to the Department of health.  Curbing of pets is not permitted in any of the amenity/common area throughout the resort.
  • All dogs must be licensed. This is required by the State of Delaware.  Violators face a fine of $50 to $100 for the first offense.  Your animal must wear the license tag on their collar or leash at all times.
  • You are required to register your pet(s) at the Lighthouse Beach Resort office. This will include a certificate of license, proof of current rabies and distemper shots and a picture of your pet.  Upon registration Seasonal campers will be given a pet ID tag to place on the pet’s collar.  ALL PETS MUST BE REGISTERED IN OUR MANAGEMENT OFFICE.
  • Should any pet become a nuisance, its immediate removal will be required. No fences or doghouses are permitted.  Pets are not to be tied outside unattended at any time.  If any pet is found loose it will be turned over to the S.P.C.A.  Any pet that bites and/or attacks another person; or person’s pet or damages public or private property will be removed from the Lighthouse Beach Resort property immediately and will not allowed back in the community.
  • Seasonal Campers, Cottage Rental Campers and Overnight Campers are required to have pet waste disposal bags with them while walking their pet. Anyone found walking his or her pet without a pet waste disposal bag will be considered in violation.
  • Children must be at least 13 years of age to walk a dog in the resort and have complete control of the dog(s). Children are required pick up after the dog(s).
  1. CLOTHES WASHING & DRYING: Only the umbrella type clothes drying pole may be used.  These are to be put down when not in use and require a holding pipe set in ground.  Before setting the pole, you should check with the Lighthouse Beach Resort office for clearance so as to avoid damage to underground utilities.  Umbrella clothes line are to be removed and stored away at the end of the season. CLOTHES WASHERS ARE POSITIVELY NOT PERMITTED IN YOUR RV OR SHED UNITS ON YOUR CAMPSITE.  The Laundry Room located within the Bathhouse is available for use during the hours of 8:00 am to 10:00 pm every day in season.
  1. COMMUNITY FACILITIES: All common areas such as the recreation area, activity pavilion, mini-golf, swimming pool/spa, fishing/crabbing pier, bathhouse and laundry room are for the use of the Licensee and the Licensee’s registered guests.  Licensor has the right to limit the number of registered guests using the facilities in the event that overcrowding interferes with the peaceful enjoyment of the community as a whole.  Licensee shall keep the common areas and facilities in a clean and sanitary condition and exercise reasonable care in their proper use and operation.  The activity pavilion is for the use during Lighthouse Beach Resort planned activities only.  Bulletin board usage is for Lighthouse Beach Resort office only.
  1. GUNS: No guns of any type or description will be used or discharged within range of the Lighthouse Beach RV Resort Community.  No guns will be carried in the Lighthouse Beach RV Resort Community except to and from hunting and target areas outside the Lighthouse Beach Resort Community.  The word “gun” includes “BB” guns, pellet guns, paint ball guns, and any other classification of gun or firearm.


  1. BOATS-Storage – One (1) Boat or Watercraft (Watercraft is considered to be Jet-Skis/Wave Runners) may be stored or parked on the Licensee’s RV site (in the area that provides least public view). Boats/Watercraft must not block the view of vehicular traffic or block access to utilities.  The size of the boat/Watercraft must be a reasonable size. Any boat/watercraft and boat/watercraft trailer kept on the RV site must have a current license / registration and kept in running condition.  Repair work on the boat/watercraft and/or motor is not permitted.  Washing of boats and jet-skis as well as flushing engines is NOT permitted in Lighthouse Beach RV Resort.   Boats and jet skis must launch from the public boat launch located at the end of Longneck Rd.
  1. PICNIC TABLES/FIRE RINGS: Licensees will supply their own picnic table and fire ring.  Picnic tables and fire rings are not to be removed from any of our Overnight RV Sites or Rental Cottage Sites.  Please refer to section #19 of these guidelines for additional information regarding the use of fire rings at your seasonal campsite.
  1. SWIMMING POOL: Lighthouse Beach RV Resort pool use is restricted to Licensees’ who have been issued resident pool passes.  Passes and regulations are available at the Lighthouse Beach Resort office.  In no case may Licensee erect a pool on Licensee’s site.  Resident pool passes and daily pool passes will only be given to or sold to a registered Licensee/signer on the license agreement.  Private pools are not permitted on any of the RV sites.  Proper swimming attire (bathing suits) is required at the pool.  The use of jeans shorts or cutoff jeans is NOT PERMITTED.
  1. RESIDENT INFORMATION: Licensees are required to advise Licensor within (30) thirty days of any change of address, telephone number, employment, vehicle or any other pertinent License Agreement information.
  • Any resident who has a complaint about another resident violating these Rules and Regulations must make their complaint in writing to Licensor and said complaint must be signed and dated by the complaining party. Licensee’s who make a complaint must be willing to testify in court regarding complaint if legal action is taken.
  • Licensee also agrees to communicate with Licensor, within (12) twelve days of request, in reference to any questions raised by Licensor regarding the Rules & Regulations and the Licensee’s compliance or non-compliance therewith.
  • Complaints made verbally will not be addressed. If the Licensee is not willing to put it in writing, the Licensor will not act on the complaint.
  • If you are witnessing a criminal act being committed in the community, please call 911 to call the police and then call our management office or after 4 pm please contact our Security Staff at 302-258-8830.
  1. TRANSFER OF RV: – The right to occupy an RV on a Seasonal RV site is not unconditionally transferable with the sale or transfer of title to the RV.  No RV may be transferred unless it is in total compliance with the transfer Guidelines.
  • Death of Licensee – In case of the death of the Licensee(s) the License Agreement under the direction of the executor of the estate, may be transferred to new owner of the RV if the new owner has completed an application for residency and been approved by the Licensor, and RV meets required community specifications.

Note: Proof of ownership transfer of the RV must be shown such a bill of sale or the title indicating the transfer to the new owner.

  • Execution sale, Foreclosure or other Judicial Action – As the result of an auction sale, execution sale, foreclosure or other judicial action, the new owner of the RV shall have no rights as a resident until and unless Licensor and new owner enter into a License Agreement according to new resident guidelines and complete an application for residency and be approved.
  • Approval for Residency – A prospective residents must apply for and be approved for residency based on their credit worthiness and criminal background check before a License Agreement can be offered. Licensor reserves the right to reject any applicant based all or any of the following poor credit history, unacceptable background report, false and/or misleading statements.  Anyone occupying a RV site without having obtained Licensor’s approval for residency will be deemed as a trespasser and will be evicted from the community.
  1. SELLING, BUYING OR CANCELLING RESIDENCY:  Prior to moving a RV into our community or buying an existing RV, a prospective resident must complete an application package and pay the application fee of $50.00 per applicant or $100 per married couple.  This covers the fee for the Credit Report and Criminal Background Report.  A separate criminal background is required for anyone who will be staying in the RV who is (18) eighteen years of age or older. The cost for the criminal background check is $25 per person.    Any applicant with a felony conviction within the previous 7 years of their application will be denied residency in the Lighthouse Beach Resort Community.  Annual criminal background checks may be pulled, at the discretion of Licensor.  (If application has been denied, the application fee is non-refundable)
  • A proposed new License Agreement shall not be denied without a written statement (Adverse Action Letter) sent to the applicant as to the cause for such denial.
  • An inspection of the RV (for both resale’s and transfers) by the Licensor will determine whether the RV is qualified to remain in the community based on the condition of the unit.
  1. 46. SALE OF RV: LICENSEE MUST NOTIFY LICENSOR OF SALE: Failure on the part of the Licensee to notify Licensor in writing of prospective sale (3) three weeks prior to settlement, and failure to make provisions or arrangements for Licensor to inspect the RV, shall be grounds for denial of sale of RV. An inspection of the RV site is required prior to completing the sale and transfer of your RV to any new

buyer.  Please contact the office to schedule this site inspection.  Any items found to be in violation during the inspection must be corrected prior to the transfer of the RV to a new buyer.  Please be advised that items such as metal sheds are not grandfathered to the new owner, and would need to be removed prior to a new license agreement being signed for the new residents.  Any permanent add on structures such wood construction additions and or screen rooms may remain, but in the event of damage or deterioration, must be removed and only replaced with non-permanent structures as directed by Sussex County Building Codes for Lighthouse Beach RV Resort Campground.

If Licensee decides to sell their RV; they shall register their intentions with Licensor at least (3) three weeks prior to sale.  The name/s, address/s and telephone number/s of any and all potential buyer/s must be received at least (3) three weeks prior to sale to give time to process the application.  Licensee may formally list their RV for sale with an outside agency, or list the RV for sale “by owner”.  Listing of the RV for sale is also available in the Blog on the Lighthouse Beach Resort website.  The Licensee may sell RV personally or through an outside agency only after notifying Licensor in writing.  RV’s listed for sale via an outside agency or owner will be inspected by Licensor for compliance with these Guidelines.  Violations shall be corrected before RV is sold or transferred.  All “for sale” signs may only be placed on the window of the RV.  Licensee may not place a sign on the RV site or driveway.

  1. TRANSFER FEE: A non-refundable transfer fee of $200.00 is required prior the transfer of the License Agreement.  This $200.00 transfer fee also applies to residents transferring from one site to another.  The transfer fee is to be paid with credit card, money order, or cashiers check.  The Lighthouse Beach Resort office must be given a three (3) week notice in writing that the Licensee is selling.


  1. REMOVAL OF RV: – In all situations, Licensee shall give Licensor at least (30) thirty-days written notification before removing the RV from the site. The removal of a RV prior to the expiration of the current License Agreement term does not release the Licensee from any financial obligations, responsibilities or liabilities contained in the License Agreement.  All site fee payments still due and payable as well as other applicable charges due to Lighthouse Beach Resort for your current license period shall be paid in full prior to the removal of the RV.  RENEWAL PERIOD:  Licensee is required to give 30 days written notice of their intention to non-renew their license agreement during the renewal period.  In the event the RV is removed, the Licensee’s RV site shall be left in a clean and neat condition.  Any improvements or installations placed on the RV site including, but not limited to decks, sheds, porches, tie-downs, anchoring systems, awnings, footers, etc., shall be removed from the RV site.  RV site shall be left cleared.  Any property left on the RV site shall become the property of Lighthouse Beach Resort.  Any expenses incurred by Licensor in repairing or restoring the RV site to its original condition will be charged to the Licensee.  The Licensee shall be solely responsible for any damages to property belonging to the community or other residents resulting from the removal of the RV from the community.  Lighthouse Beach Resort assumes no responsibility in the event that a retailer, financial institute or other secured party removes the Licensee’s RV from the community.  Lighthouse Beach RV Resort may at its discretion use the vacated site for transient use as needed.   Only when a NEW resident takes over the site and assumes the current license agreement will the original Licensee be released from obligation for the site.
  1. VARIATIONS: – Any variations from these guidelines must be communicated to Licensor and/or Licensor’s representative for approval.
  1. NOTICES: Amendments to these Rules and Regulations – Licensor reserves the right, from time to time, to amend or supplement these Rules and Regulations and to adopt and promulgate additional Rules and Regulations applicable to the Lighthouse Beach RV Resort premises. Licensee agrees to comply with all amended Rules and Regulations upon proper notification from Licensor.  This notification of amendment change will be posted on the message board, (30) thirty-days prior, in Licensor’s office at 26162 Bay Blvd, Millsboro DE 19966.
  1. ENFORCEABILITY OF COMMUNITY RULES & REGULATIONS: – Any failure of Licensor to enforce one or more of the Rules and Regulations shall not constitute a waiver of any of the Rules and Regulations, either in whole or part. The judgment of Licensor shall be final.  When Licensor issues a violation notice, and/or Licensor’s representative, to a Licensee, the Licensee is responsible for correcting the violation(s) within the specified time.  Failure or refusal to correct the violation, or repeated violation(s) of these Rules and Regulations, may lead to termination of the Licensee’s License Agreement.  The Licensee, Licensee’s family, and all guests the Licensee brings into the Lighthouse Beach Resort community must comply with Federal, State, County laws, and these Rules and Regulations.  Such laws, rules and regulations may be more restrictive than these Rules and Regulations.
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