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WiFi by SkyWeb Networks

Limited FREE Internet

The FREE internet option is good for browsing the internet and checking email.   
Locate the Beacon2 network on your phone or device and ask the office for the latest password to login.

Rates for High-Speed Internet

If you require higher speeds for streaming movies, playing games or are connecting a smart device, you may need to subscribe to the High-Speed Internet.

1 Day                                                                  $3.95               Up to 3 devices
3 Days                                                                $7.95                           “
1 Week (7 days)                                               $14.95                         “
1 Month (30 days)                                           $29.95                         “
7 Months (212 day)                                        $159.95            Up to 5 devices

Locate and select the Beacon2 Network on your cell phone.  Once you select the network, you will be presented with a menu to choose Free WiFi or one of the paid options.  Use a credit/debit card to pay for your subscription.  Your password will be emailed to you.

For questions or help with connecting a specific device, please contact SkyWeb Networks at (989)-771-7100

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