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Seasonal Resident Pool Passes

All Seasonal Residents must complete the pool Pass form for 2024 in order to receive their pool passes.  Pool Passes are permanent for each site.  

Each site receives 2 FREE Pool Passes.  Additional pool passes may be purchased at the following rates:

1 Pass = $25.00
2 Passes = $48.00
3 Passes = $65.00
4 Passes = $75.00
Daily Guest Passes are $5.00 per day.
Children aged 6 or under are FREE

You will be charged each year on May 1st.  for any additional pool passes you still have in your possession.  
If you do not wish to be charged for any or all of the additional pool passes each season, please return the passes you do not wish to pay for at the end of season and they will be removed from your account and you will not be charged.
If you leave Lighthouse Beach RV Resort, you must return all Pool Passes at the time of your exit.  Pool Passes are Non-Transferable.


Complete the form and return it to the Lighthouse Beach Office after May 15th.  Free passes and purchased passed must be picked up by a Lessee.  Payment for purchased pool passes must be made when picking  them up.




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